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Centric Views

Based around a powerful architecture, SITREP provides the flexibility of viewing and navigating safety data in either system centric (engineering) view or mishap centric (safety) view. Both options employ a tree layout, making it easy to navigate.

Hazard Data Schema

SITREP allows the user to manage from the initiating event down through to the verification of safety requirements.

Systems, Modes and States

Break down the system into various parts and customise modes and states within an individual project to align with operational context or concept definition.

Tailorable Risk Categories

Set up and tailor Risk Categories and HRI (Hazard Risk Index) Matrices to assign the level of risk to specific programs.

Critical Controls

Allocate controls to one or more systems or subsystems. Record verification data against each control.

Powerful Reporting Function

Utilise SITREP's powerful reporting functions to tailor and generate user specific reports for your safety case.

Access Control

Access control can be of vital concern when managing safety data. SITREP allows six layers of access control so that each user can be allocated the appropriate level of access over safety data by individual projects.

Server Based Solution

SITREP is hosted on an Apache2  software platform, integrated using PHP5 scripting language to provide interactive web applications that can be accessed remotely. It utilises the open source MySQL5.1 relational database engine supporting transactions, views, procedures and functions.